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Today was a good day. Well, an okay day.

I woke up at about 11am and had some food, then showered, then did some random things around my room (haha.. Jess' room, whatever) whilst listening to old mix CDs created by our ancestors, namely, Sam, Spence, Jade etc.

At about 12.30pm Matt emerges, sleepy looking, in the nakey blanket.. haha. He then lays on the nice, neatly made bed and crinkles it! Garrgh! We talk for a little while about, basically nothing and then he goes and showers and eats or whatever.

I check my emails, and then we get this awesome idea to hang out with chris and jess and watch movies or play games or something. I ring Jess, shes having chai and chris over in her caravan at her mums. I was a little cut.. but i think its just cos im pms. anyway.

Me and matt go into town shopping and buy lots of bad food. haha. I ALSO BOUGHT THE CINDERELLA DISNEY DOLL and Death Cabs album something about airplanes (but its all fancy cos its been remade and stuff). So that was fun. Went and gave mum her mothers day chocolates, got hasselled a bit, went and saw maddy and ken and everyone, matt gave her her present, etc. Then we came back to capel, ate mini pizzas and watched movies (cos we got 10 for $10).

So far we've watched Mysterious Skin (love that more every time) and this other movie called A Perfect Fit - basically just about a guy whose had a bad childhood so he's all fucked up and crazy and possessive of his girlfriend and stuff. Not bad.


Thats about it.

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Awwww! Ancestors! :D

I just moved. OMG I'm a bit scared. You should call me.

Also - you are defos falling for Matt.

haha. yeah, you are totez an ancestor lol.

I would ring you, but your dad doesnt want us using the home phone, and im almost out of credit.

sam, i dont wanna fall for matt..

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