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Stupid teenagery shitticus.
I feel really awkward and upset. But its crazy and stupid and ridiculous.

My first real love has been talking to me about this girl, and how much he likes her. I don't know if I have any write to feel awkward.. and a little offended. It's like, I don't know, is it appropriate to be talking to your ex about some girl you are now in love with?

Maybe I'm just overreacting and being overly dramatic.. I dont know.

Its just, hard, I guess.

I know we all move on, but I would rather if it wasn't being rammed down my throat every five seconds.. its almost as if its being rubbed in my face or something.

I know I'm definitely not in love with him, but theres still a part of me that wishes.. I dont know.. hopes that.. maybe he could wait a bit longer?

whatever. Its none of my business anyway.

Signing off,



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Hey don't worry. Matters of the heart are the hardest of all. And I think both of you have every right to feel exactly how you need/want to. He may want to rub it in, you may want to feel abused. No one is in the wrong. The only way to deal with love, is to be zen about it. :) xoxox love you too.

:) Thanks.

Its wierd, we dont really ever hang out with chai anymore. He joined the hardcore group.. I miss him, but, oh well.. theres nothing that can be done about it. I think Im over it but, sometimes I just have little relapses.. Im entitled to them though, arent I?


Defiantly you are entitled.

Oh my god. I apologise. I just realised i wrote "write" instead of "right" in my original entry. Devs.

Awesome. Being entitled.. at least a little bit makes me feel better.


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