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I feel like shit.

I'm really upset because I feel like Jess hates me. Her and Matt are exactly the same.. except now I can't even talk to her without her tearing me to shreds in some way. I hate it how I can't have a proper conversation with her anymore. Its like she despises me or something.. and I know she disapproves of me and Brad for some reason.. and I hate it. She always humiliates me in front of people and makes me feel like everything I like is stupid, and immature, and shit. I wish I could talk to her, shes my best friend.. or at least, she was. Now I don't know if I even want anything to do with her.. seeing as she obviously thinks I'm not worth her time.

You know what? Fuck her. Every time we have a fight, I'm always the one to break down and apologise first, whether I believe I'm wrong or not. This is it.

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:( I'm so sorry about whats happening. At least you have Bradington.

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