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kiss me alone...

I'm beginning to get agitated.. like..

I went from living by myself, to having my friend and her boyfriend with me. Its fun and stuff, except I guess I just kinda wanna be alone a little bit.. oh, and Chris is totally doing that thing where he becomes a prick because he's tired and we've spent too much time together.
And Jess is being, well Jess.
Its way better when we're by ourselves.
And tomorrow, Ethan and Josh and Brad are coming over. I dont so much mind, cos I love those kids, but fucking hell, I need to be ALONE for five minutes.. no offence to everyone.

I'm looking forward to seeing Brad though <3 :)

He's so amazing. YAY.

Ah.. I dont think I'm gonna be a virgin for much longer.. maybe a few days? Lol, a week even? Hahah. Maaaaan. Exciting!!!!



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Take it easy man! PS I got that text from you this morning! NAUGHTY! ;) Call me!

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